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At Calais in France, he stowed away inside a fridge on a truck and hoped that the air would not run out before they reached the UK. Image copyright Samar Image caption Samar slept rough during his journey across Europe The UK received more than 44,000 asylum applications, including for dependent relatives, in the year ending June 2016, with around 30% granted permission to stay for up to five years. There are no official statistics on applications on the grounds of sexual orientation, because the data is not collected. In 2015, a cross-party inquiry raised serious concerns about abuses of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers by staff in nine detention centres across England and Scotland, amid reports of self-harm and suicide. An October 2016 report by equality charity Stonewall and the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) highlighted a "culture of disbelief", where some asylum seekers had been asked to "prove" their sexuality by going to embarrassing lengths, including being asked for videos showing them having sex. New Home Office guidance banned this practice in August 2016. Paul Twocock, from Stonewall, says the treatment was "unacceptable" and has called for more staff training and an end to detention. Media captionSama's journey in animations. Graphics courtesy of Anglia Ruskin University's animation and illustration department. He adds: "While there is no doubt the UK asylum system has improved for LGBT people over the past few years, there is still a long way to go." Samar survived the ordeal. With a five-year right to remain visa, he now lives with a family in Cambridge after they volunteered their spare room via a charity that rehouses refugees.

That's why the new Custom Blend app from CoverGirl is so brilliant: It uses a patent-pending, 180-degree video feature that adjusts to the lighting when you take a selfie, and then pinpoints your exact undertones and skin color. After a few questions and a quick scan, it sends your personalized blend directly to your door for $25 (shipping's free). You even can name your customized formula so it truly feels like yours, and the brand throws in a little extra product swag with delivery, too. And we have proof that the technology works. CoverGirl let us take the app (which will only be available until the end of March) for a spin to try it out on a range of staffers with different skin tones. Check out our unfiltered before and afters ahead, then click into your app store to download before it's too late. View photos Diana Cenat, first impressionist "Drugstore foundation is usually a no-go for me, mostly because there are never enough options for my skin tone. I usually skip it and wear the NARS Creamy Concealer instead, but replacing it can get expensive." More View photos "The app was easy to use! The steps were simple, and it took ten minutes to fill everything out, get scanned, and confirm the order. I was skeptical about the app working for me, but the shade is almost perfect.

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