But its main strength, Hills says, is that all her employees are hard-working mums. The majority of the women who are working for Make bag mango it British are doing so because the employer that they were working for before they had a child was then inflexible when they wanted to go back, Hills says. Despite advancements in recent years such as a new legal requirement to consider reasonable requests for flexible working, the EHRCs research found that 11 per cent of women reported having been dismissed, made compulsorily redundant or treated so poorly they left their jobs after having a baby. Its because of statistics like this that flexibility is so central to Make it Britishs business. Everyone puts in the hours, the work gets done and we still have time to go to the sports days, the Christmas concerts and to juggle around school holidays and sick children, says Hills, who still puts in 60-hour weeks at work when needed. Around 80 per cent of the hundreds of businesses the team supports are also run by กระเป๋า sos women. Most are small, creative businesses the kind that Hills says don't get enough support from the Government. Industrial strategy tends to focus on larger manufacturing industries, big factories and engineering rather than businesses like textiles which is made up of a lot of micro-businesses, rather than a few big players, she says. On Brexit , Hills says: Weve had thousands of people contacting us since the referendum, saying I want to buy something from the UK. Where can I find a British-made kettle, toaster, shoes? There has also been an increase in UK brands saying they want to source more within the country, she adds.

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