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Ballot box Mercer was shooting at members of a rival gang when one of the bullets hit Rhys in the neck. Given กระเป๋า forever21 ดีไหม that it's the first weekend following the announcement of a snap general election, politics unsurprisingly dominates the front pages. Under the headline "May parks her tanks on Labour's lawn", the Sunday Times claims that the Conservative manifesto will include a pledge to cut household energy bills. According to the paper, the Tories plan to cap the gas and electricity bills for the seven out of 10 households that pay standard variable tariffs. Tory sources tell the paper that it would mean 17 million families saving about 100 a year. The paper also says the policy will be the centrepiece of a manifesto that will set out "a bold social vision for Britain" that will position the Conservatives firmly on ground usually occupied by Labour. The Sunday Telegraph leads with a warning from the Conservative party chairman that voting for Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister would put the country's security at risk. In what the paper calls a "very personal attack", Sir Patrick McLoughlin says the Labour leader couldn't be trusted to make "difficult decisions" in the event of a terrorist attack. 'Disorganised' Labour On a similar theme, the Times has an interview with a Labour insider - Mr Corbyn's former communications and strategy adviser Harry Fletcher - who tells the paper the Labour leader "struggles to cope" with the demands of frontline politics, saying the atmosphere in his office is "fraught, tense and unhappy".

You can find makeup bags with her famous face galore , but if youre looking for a Frida Kahlo lipstick? Forget it unless you happen to live near a CVS stocking Republic Nail. Republic Nail stocks an eye-popping collection of Frida Kahlo-inspired lipsticks and nail polishes . But, theyre only available at select U.S. CVS locations. Let me be clear: Republic Nails Kahlo collection is indeed online. Butthe bigger question is, why isnt this gorgeous collection more widely available? I mean, just look at this incredible packaging: According to Republic Nails USA COO, the brand is trying to expand to other retailers.

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