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Both are well conceived and displayed, complementing the other more in terms of counterbalanced opposition than aesthetic conflict. Regarding the Cohen Gallery West show titled "Come On In," the paintings of Erika Stearly and Ekaterina Popova seem to have latched onto a similar idea by mixing the physical properties of paint with images of domestic environments, such as sloppy house interiors or chores that need doing. Both artists work from photographs of their own homes or those of friends. The paintings, mostly oil, are devoid of people and depict their subject matter as private spaces where families relax, casually leaving their clothes and trash on floors, beds or chairs. Their colors and painting methods reflect on the loose and carefree attitudes of painterly abstraction while courting the disciplines of realism - a sort of ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 3 ฟุต toto restrained wildness. For instance, an oil by Stearly titled "Upstairs Bedroom, Fifth Street, next to the bicycle shop" offers us a cluttered room with an unmade bed, scattered linens, an empty bottle or two and a crumpled set of Venetian blinds. Recognizable to a degree and slightly reminiscent of Larry Rivers, the paint is seductively thick and thin at parts with fragments of reality infused into abstraction and vice-verse. At a few feet distant, some works appear entirely nonfigural, like "Untitled Painting with Yellow Flags," which upon closer look is a bed, barely. The works by Popova have stronger representational concerns as her subject matter is less physical in its application and defined more by form, contrast and ambient light.

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on June 2, 2014. REUTERS/David Ryder/File Photo 2/2 By Tom James | SEATTLE SEATTLE Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Friday denied as "simply not true" allegations in a civil lawsuit that he once paid a homeless, drug-addicted teenager for sex in the 1980s, and he vowed to press on with his re-election campaign. Appearing briefly at the downtown office of his private attorney, Murray, 61, a Democrat who began his first term in 2013, shed no light on the identity of his anonymous accuser while challenging the man's credibility. "I understand the individual making these accusations is troubled, and that makes me sad as well," he said. "To be on the receiving end of such untrue allegations is very painful. It is painful to my husband and for those who are close to us," said Murray, who is openly gay and married to his longtime partner. The mayor neither disputed nor acknowledged whether he was ever acquainted with or had even met his accuser, a 46-year-old man referred to in the lawsuit filed on Thursday only as "D.H." Murray's lawyer, Bob Shulkin, on Thursday said the lawsuit was politically motivated. Murray himself said he would "not back down." "I will continue to be mayor of this city, I will continue to run for re-election," he declared. Murray declined to take questions about a "legal matter that is in the courts," then turned and walked away as reporters shouted after him.

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