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In 2013, the association's bikers responded to around 35,000 rapid transport requests from 262 UK hospitals. They are almost a Deliveroo for the NHS. It's not just blood, with the bikers also delivering surgical tools, human milk, spinal fluid, faecal matter (for faecal transplants) and even rabies serum conveyed via panniers on their powerful motorbikes. That seems small but equates to 29,300 blood units. Kydd first discovered blood biking when on a course at the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Her "observer", himself a blood biker, warned their training ride might be stopped if he was called away. Image caption Kydd's niece, Caitlin, who was having cancer treatment, "had big, burly bikers wiping their eyes" Kydd started volunteering as a rider for a Kent group called SERV (Service by Emergency Response Volunteers). She later discovered that blood bikers had helped her own niece. Caitlin, undergoing cancer treatment, had received platelets delivered by an SERV Kent rider on Christmas Eve 2009.

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