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At first, I felt that embarrassment again, but I actually found my passion. Now, 80 percent of my wardrobe is thrifted. What inspires you? How people dress today is so trendy, of whatever is going on in that moment. My thing is that I like to be different and not do what everyone else is doing. When that started for me, and I started to gravitate toward prints, sequins and things that were odd shapes and unique styles, I was finding those things at the thrift store. How do you describe your style? Some days it's all about how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I might want to dress over-the-top in neon fuzzy boots.

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Jordanian security forces deployed in Karak (19 December 2016) It said so-called Islamic State (IS) and its affiliates "continue to plot assaults" in the country. More than a dozen people, including a Canadian tourist, have been killed in attacks in Jordan since last week. The department also warned of similar threats to US citizens in Egypt, after a series of attacks there. It advised to avoid travel to the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Desert regions. In a statement on Friday, the department said that "terrorist and extremist organisations have expressed a desire to conduct attacks targeting US citizens and Westerners in Jordan". "Within the last year, Jordanian authorities have notified the US Embassy of several disrupted terrorist plots targeting US citizens and Westerners," the travel warning added. Jordan is seen by the US as a key regional player in battling IS fighters. Image copyright EPA Image caption Karak's Crusader castle is a major tourist attraction that dominates the town The jihadist group said it was behind last Sunday's attack in the central town of Karak - the deadliest assault in recent days. Seven members of the Jordanian security forces, two local bystanders and a Canadian tourist were killed in the attack.